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I would have been a chin-chin seller- Waje confesses

Whenever Waje thrills fans with her soulful voice, you would think an angel has descended the earth, but unknown to many, the multiple award-winning singer would have been a chin-chin seller.

The Akure born songstress would have continued her chin-chin business If she had ignored her musical talent. She recently made this known in an interview.

Ivy League 300 x 250

Hear her:“I don’t like cooking but I love to bake and I did that for a while with my friend Ijeoma Uzodima. We used to have this chin -chin company and we used to sell everything in our stock.

“I remember that the magistrates in Onitsha at the time used to order from us and we used to sell it in a small can for about N600. We would cut 50kg chin -chin for three days and my back would be paining me. I probably would have continued with that if I was not a singer. Ijeoma who is my very good friend was actually the one who used to push me,” she said.

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The talented singer also stated how she felt when she earned N300,000 just for singing at an event for a few minutes.

Hear her:”The day she was given N300,000, she wanted to go crazy. Waje said, “When I started my career, it was someone that drew my attention that I could make money from music. I remember the first time I sang in my school in UNN, I was wearing a red dress and I sang Whitney Houston’s ‘I will always love you.’ It was just my voice and there was no instrumental, the crowd went crazy.

“I think after my performance, they gave me about N500. That was enough for a week in school. I remember the first time I earned N300,000, it was from Zain Mobile Telecomms. They had an end of the year party in Enugu and they asked me to come and perform. When I got the money, I went haywire. I am the first in my family, so the money really helped to stabilize a few things.”

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Waje was born in Akure, Ondo State in Nigeria then moved to Benin City, Edo State and was raised by her parents. She was the first child and the first daughter in her family. Her parents got divorced when she was young and had to overcome difficult situations




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