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As Ibori returns! – Okubor

ImageFile: Ibori steps out of prison

By Festus Okubor,

It’s been a very long and dull night , since the wickedness of man to fellow man manifested and the UK legal system was used to hound and oppress you.
Odidigboigbo of the universe, you are the classical man. Kind, pragmatic, robust, astute and an Urgent Chief, you touched the lives of men innumerable and positively affected destinies on God’s behalf.
You made some cry for joy, you made others smile for their temporal success of hounding you. As you always insist, your calling is to make society better and give joy and happiness to man.
They thought your friends and lovers will cry. They believed we will despair. They wished the flock will scatter. But we knew better.
We knew that God cannot forsake a good man. We saw clearly, that God for His reasons alone, had ordained a wilderness experience for your refining, for His greater use for the Salvation of Nigeria.
Moses went through the same, separated from his people for serving their good. We never feared, we never floundered. We never got dressed.
How could we, when you are Odidigboigbo? You called on every Birthday to wish us well even when we could not reach by phone. Your laughter restored many to hope. You called wives to forgive us and ensure peace in our homes.
You asked after your children that God gave to your friends and associates. You enquired after how the ordinary man was coping with the recession. You called the creeks pleading and begging for the national economy to be spared.
You begged and begged for the environmental impact of blowing pipelines to be avoided at all and every cost. You didn’t know who to call but you called all you knew.
We were confident as we were sure God was at work. How else could you have had everybody’s number engraved in your brain, your computer brain? You stayed fit and you never told us you were I’ll, for one day.
They said you took Delta State funds, but Delta State did not loose any funds no complain of missing funds under your watch. After all the magomago, they shamelessly could not prove anything at your confiscation hearings.
They unprecedentedly asked to start afresh. You were still all smiles, never despairing.
You knew much of Nigeria and so elected never to give non Nigerians the satisfaction of washing Nigeria’s dirty linens in a foreign courtroom.
Knowing that your redeemer liveth, you stopped the buckshot by innocently pleading guilty and daring them to quickly do what they came to do!! Great man. No wonder the Lord stayed with you with angels ministering to your every minute needs in Prison.
As I wait for you release in the next couple of days, I am confident that all your trainers shall stay alive to see you a free man. They will witness the upturning of your courtmarshall type conviction by the same British courts and legal system that the Lord has touched. They shall be alive and witness the British pay adequate compensation to this innocent man and great leader of men. Your trainers will stay healthy and alive and witness your triumphant return to your own, as the Odidigboigbo of the Universe. They shall witness Nigeria and Nigerians welcome you back and ask you to continue with your good works in leadership.
Odidigboigbo, many bridges are broken in Nigeria, too many. From the economy to the polity and the church. I still hear General Obasanjo’s voice, ringing out in Nomadic and calling you ” THE BRIDGE BUILDER”. We need you to lead us to restore the health of our bridges and to build more across all 08038005050 and political and economic and social fault line. Welcome back to us. The long night is broken and a glorious dawn is upon us all. The Lord is with you.


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