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Invest security votes in sports, says Dalung

Sports administrator canvasses investment in other sports beside football

The Minister of Youths and Sports, Solomon Dalung, on Saturday called on governments at all levels to invest part of security vote in sports.

“The moment security vote is invested in sports all the troubles involving insurgency, militancy, kidnapping and the rest will be resolved.

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“Security lies in investing in sports, once the young ones are engaged as they gathered here today in their hundreds  there will not be trouble any longer,”  he said at the Samson Siasia Stadium, Yenagoa, venue of the ongoing 2nd Gov. Seriake Dickson National Wrestling Classics.

According to him, if a sizeable percentage of security vote is invested in sports it will help to promote and develop sports.

“If our youths are not engaged and we purchase the most sophisticated weapons in the world, we will not be able to address our security problem.”

The minister, however,  urged state governments  to develop sports for enduring peace in the country.

Dalung thanked Bayelsa State Government for its hospitality and support for sports particularly wrestling.

He said:“ This tournament is an evidence of the commitment and determination of Gov. Seriake Dickson towards sports and wrestling.”

Dalung, who said sports have the potential of the second biggest mass job creation for youths, believed that sports could be used as part of efforts to take the country out of the current economic recession.

“State governments, private investors, and stakeholders should invest in sports. Investing in spots will create jobs and wealth for our youths.

“The youth are indeed our future, the hope and custodians of our tomorrow and I am glad Bayelsa has discovered this secret.”