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JAY-Z releases first album in four years

Jay-Z America’s rap legend and entrepreneur has released his much-anticipated album barely two weeks after welcoming a set of twins with his wife Beyoncé. The album is the 13th studio album of his career and the first one in the last four years. It is titled 4.44. The album has been anticipated by Jay-Z’s fans who have been speculating for years when his next album would be released.

4.44 is named after Beyonce -Jay-Z’s fascination with the number 4 as they both have their birthdays on the 4th; December and September respectively. Part of the album deals with infidelity allegations introduced by Beyoncé on ‘Lemonade’

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Jay-Z says he got the title when he woke up at 4:44 am and started planning for the album. It deals with allegations of him cheating on his wife as it was rumored on her album, Lemonade.

He addresses the issue directly by rapping, ‘I apologize, our love was one for the ages and I contained us,’ he raps, later adding, ‘And if my children knew, I don’t even know what I would do / If they ain’t look at me the same / I would prolly die with all the shame.’

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The album was released exclusively on TIDAL, JAY-Z’s streaming service.