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Laju Iren to unveil Selfies With Bible Girls

The critically acclaimed Selfies With Bible Girls, which retells the stories of over 22 female bible characters and the contemporary lessons we can learn from them, will be launched on Sunday, August 27, 2017.


The book, authored by inspirational blogger and speaker,  Laju Iren is already in print, but will make its official debut at the Dauntless Conference, a gathering aimed at inspiring women and the men who love them to live above fear.


“Selfies With Bible Girls is one of the most important books you’ll ever read in your life. It will make you go back, read your bible and your life,” said Mildred Kingsley-Okonkwo, who is expected to give the key note address at the event. Other speakers at the event which will hold at Yard 158 Events Arena, Oregun, Ikeja, include founder of the beautified network, Mrs. Funto Ibuoye, tourism veteran and Engagement Manager at Mckinsey & Co, Miss Kemi Onabanjo, renowned photographer, Mr. Jide Odukoya, fashion designer and Chief Executive Officer, karenubani.com, Mrs. Karen Ubani-Alli among others.

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Iren, speaking in an interview said: “Fear is something everyone can relate to, including me. There used to be a time I was hesitant to do things because I was afraid I would fail. But I learned to get things done in spite of how afraid I felt. It was then I realized that fear is just an illusion. That is what we hope to achieve at the Dauntless conference; we have put together a crop of people who have triumphed in spite of their fears, to get people out of their comfort zones and quaking feet so that they can make a positive impact in their world.”


“It is fitting that Selfies With Bible Girls would be launched officially at Dauntless Conference,” she said, “because I think it is one of my most dauntless feats ever.” It’s easy to understand her perspective. The 319 paged book which is already available in print and can be purchased on lajuiren.com contains over 50,000 words and retells the stories of over female characters in the bible. It’s also a design masterpiece, with quality print, hard cover back, unique font and photos depicting the characters at the beginning of every chapter.

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“It’s easy to think that the women in the bible are so different from us, but this book makes you literarily take a selfie with them and see yourself in these characters. As a housewife and mother you can identify with Rebecca. If you have a past you’re ashamed of, see Rahab and Mary Magdalene. If you’re a feminist, you have a lot to learn from the daughters of Zelophehad and as a woman in a male dominated field, Deborah has something to teach you. If you’re widowed, there is Hannah. If you’ve been through a divorce, there is the woman at the well. If you’re struggling with infertility, you can look at Sarah’s example. The list goes on and on. These women aren’t too different from us, and we have several lessons to learn from them whether we are male or female,” she added.


For the Editor-in-Chief, TheNewsGuru.com, former Editor, Vanguard Newspapers,  Mr. Mideno Bayagbon, Selfies With Bible Girls “blends today into yesterday, in an intriguing, self-introspective walk in the shoes of biblical greats. You will fall in love with Selfies with Bible Girls. And you don’t have to be a girl, to do so. Written in the language, nuances and sensitivities of this per second technological age, it marries a sweet to read writing style, with fresh insights of the Bible.  It is a novel. It is a sermon. But more than these, you will see yourself cast in the roles of the harlot, the widow, the judge, a single woman, a wife, a widow, a divorcee, a barren mother of nations and so on. You are invited to be the actress, the audience and the critic.’’

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Selfies With Bible Girls is available for sale on lajuiren.com and can be delivered nationwide.

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