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Lami Phillips recounts sad moments of 2016

Nigerian singer and songwriter, Lami Phillips popular for her song Baby mi, took to her social media page to recount her sad moments of 2016.

She put up a picture which shows her in a hospital bed. Lami reveals that there were days she laughed and cried in 2016 and It finally dawned on her that her happiness was her responsibility.

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Hear her:” This picture Pretty much sums up my year. I was in serious labour and @labillion said.. “Lamide yo.. ” and that was my pose! Lol. We laughed and cried together .. that day and through the year. He kept applauding me for handling so much even in his absence and keeping my sense of humour. Y’all saw me dance and carry it all with joy but that joy came from a choice.. a choice to just be a godly gangsta lol.

Most times when I was sad, hormonal, overwhelmed, confused, tired.. I made a conscious decision to BE HAPPY. I would pray then dance or sing or just do something to shame the enemy. Where you are today is based on HOW YOU THINK AND HOW MUCH YOU DEPEND ON GOD. I’m like God, you said I should acknowledge you in ALL my ways and you will make my path straight.. so no matter how daft a prayer.. as long as it bothered me or concerned me and family.. I’d talk to God. Also, in 2016.. I made a decision to EMBRACE WHO I AM.

I don’t care anymore.. y’all can have opinions.. even dogs have em.. the only opinion I’m interested in is Gods opinion. What does he want me to do? How does he tell me to live and love? That’s it. The beginning is to love myself.. if I love myself.. I’m available to show love to others. We project who we are and what we believe in each step we take. Once I changed the way I thought… I changed the way I lived. I stopped over expecting from people .. I only expect from God. The ability of anyone to love me.. care for me.. remember me.. most importantly SEE ME AS I AM.. and love me anyway.. comes from God.

This picture sums up a lot.. we are all pregnant with visions, dreams, projects, gifts.. how we carry that “pregnancy” and prayerfully nurture it counts a lot.. my prayer for us is that we become who WE ARE. Hope that makes sense.”



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