Costly health mistakes Nigerians make


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By Oreoluwa Shomuyiwa

‘Health is wealth’ they say, but some Nigerians seem to be ignorant of this. An average Nigerian believes in hustling all day and all night forgetting that without a good state of health, breakdown is certain.

Being a working class lady or man whose duty begins from 7:00am-7:00pm should not be an excuse to be ignorant of the steps to be taken to keep fit. Nutrition is an essential key to the growth and maintenance of the body system. This can only be achieved by being conscious of our health. We have to be aware of our actions to avoid certain mistakes which will terribly contribute to the decline of our health.

Here are the costly health mistakes Nigerians make that sabotage our well-being, but are overlooked.


  1. Skipping breakfast

An empty stomach can be likened to a car with little or no fuel. If it works for a while, it will eventually grind to a halt. It increases risk of developing diabetes and could even lead to obesity. Without sufficient ‘fuel’, the body stores up fat to use as energy throughout the day. Taking breakfast provides health benefits such as improving metabolism, helps maintain blood sugar levels and improves concentration.

  1. Lack of exercise

 We should create time to exercise. One hour for exercise per day is not too much and definitely not time consuming. Exercise builds up muscles, burns fat (if done adequately), strong immune system, and also keeps one’s body in shape. There is a huge need for you to create time for exercise in order to stay fit and healthy.


  1. Not sleeping enough

Family background training has it that sleeping too much is a waste of time. Truth is you have to sleep well enough to stay healthy no matter how fit you think you are. This prevents heart diseases and strokes

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  1. Ignoring medical check-ups

Timely medical check-ups and tests help you to know the state of your health. If you fail to pay attention to the state of your health by going for check-ups from time to time, you may regret it. Don’t wait until it is too late.



  1. Toilet hygiene.

Twenty seconds dedicated to washing your hands with soap and water is not too much to prevent infections. Also, toothbrush should be kept four feet away from the toilet and replaced every three months. Do not manage your toothbrush. People also tend to use their toilet time to read books, magazines or scroll through social media. Sitting on the ceramic throne for too long can cause hemorrhoids because the seated position places a lot of pressure on the veins in your lower rectum which can swell or bulge. Toilet is not a place for your personal time. Hygiene is key.

The hustle and bustle in Nigeria is not an excuse not to pay attention to your health.No excuse should be made when it comes to avoiding some costly health mistakes.


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