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Man fined $4k over spreading rumour about Dr Dre

An unidentified man has been fined $4,000 for spreading rumours about a romantic affair between hip-hop mogul Dr Dre and 95-year-old South Korea’s ex-first lady.

The man, 72, said the showbiz entrepreneur, was due to marry Lee Hee-Ho.He alleged that the marriage was intended to launder funds which belonged to the late former president, Kim Dae Jung.

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Hee-Ho is an influential figure in South Korea. She was the first lady of South Korea from 1988 to 2003.


BBC reports that a Seoul district court ruled on Friday that Lee “debased the honor of the deceased and the bereaved”.

Lee Eun-hee, a judge in the court, said the rumor was untrue.

“The rumour about the slush fund and the marriage between Lee and Dr Dre is groundless,” Eun-hee was quoted as saying.

“It’s unclear, however, whether anyone ever fell for the news of the unlikely romance.”



Dr Dre co-owns Beats by Dre with music mogul Jimmy Iovine.

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