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What does this mean? Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to come with Infinity Display

The reborn Samsung Galaxy Note 7R is coming this month, but the Galaxy Note 8 is what phablet fans are looking forward to.

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New rumours say the phone will pack an Infinity Display similar to the Galaxy S8 duo and the OS out of the box would be Android 7.1.1 Nougat, a version we are yet to see on a Samsung smartphone.

A Dutch website confirms that the Galaxy Note 8 is now being tested with the latest version of the Android OS.

Also, the display will have the same aspect ratio as the Galaxy S8 – 18.5:9, hinting that the home button will be going away.

This news hardly is surprising though.

The bigger question is, “will Samsung be able to implement a fingerprint under the OLED after it tried and failed with the Galaxy S8 and will there be space for the S Pen stylus that is a defining feature of the Galaxy Note smartphones?”




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