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‘I have never beaten Mercy Aigbe’- Lanre Gentry declares

When you think of Mercy Aigbe these days, what comes to your mind will be her messy matrimonial troubles. Just when we thought we have heard the last about Mercy Aigbe and Lanre Gentry’s failed marriage tales, another of their revelations becomes the subject of discussion on social media. The drama started when a picture of her battered face surfaced online.

With allegations and counter allegations flying around, the public didn’t know what to believe till Aigbe unveiled several evidences which speak of domestic violence.

For Lanre Gentry, he keeps telling anyone who cares to listen that he has never beaten his wife. According to him:”I have never touched Mercy in my life. All what she is doing and saying is made-up. Even her face that appeared badly bruised was achieved through make-up. She knows what she is doing; she just wants to be free. She doesn’t want to be under any man” he told Punch

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Speaking on their squabbles, the businessman said:”Whenever we had disagreements, she used to say that she would just pack out of the house and live alone. I think she may be influenced by some of her friends”.

Mercy Aigbe is known for her flamboyant sense of fashion. She has won more awards for her sense of fashion, than for her actual acting talent. Lanre Gentry takes credit for her glitz and glamourous lifestyle.  Hear him:”Mercy has no fashion lifestyle. But yes, I am the one that funds it all. She believes so much in her husband’s money which is even one of the reasons I love her because she wants a responsible husband, which I am. Whenever she goes out and needs to buy something nice, she would tell the people there that her husband would buy it for her. And I usually oblige her whenever she makes any demand”.



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