2019 elections successful but not perfect, INEC replies U.S over ‘disappointment’ comment


Sequel to a statement credited to the United States condemning the conduct of the 2019 general elections due to the mass irregularities, the Independent National Electoral Commission, Nigeria’e electoral umpire has said the commission did it best.

It also noted that so far, the elections were generally adjudged as successful and the validation of the United States government does not alter it. It also noted that there are no cases of perfect elections anywhere in the world.

The Chief Press Secretary to INEC Chairman, Rotimi Oyekanmi, appreciated the US support for the nation’s electoral process. He, however, said that no country in the world could conduct a perfect election, adding that the US observations were not enough to discredit the integrity of the elections.

He said, “As one of our important partners, the Independent National Electoral Commission appreciates the United States’ interest and support for Nigeria’s electoral process.

However, there is no country in the world where general elections are perfect from the beginning to the end. In our reckoning, coupled with various reports released by local and international observers so far, the 2019 general elections were a success, but by no means perfect.

There are lessons to be learnt and there is room for improvement. The commission will continue to do its best to deliver credible elections with the hope that the major players will appreciate the importance of playing by the rules and ultimately accept that no political office is worth the precious life of any human being. All is vanity.”


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