2023 Presidential Elections: Bola Tinubu Appoints Shehu Sani Coordinator North West


Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu has appointed Senator Shehu Sani as his Campaign Coordinator for the North -West Geo-political Zone,towards the actualization of his 2023 presidential ambition.

He is further expected to appoint State coordinators for the other six(6) states in the zone.

Sources close to both Tinubu and Shehu Sani confirmed the development,which confirms beyond doubt that Tinubu would throw his hat into the ring with or without the support of President Muhammadu Buhari,who so far has not indicated interest in who would succeed him. Senator Shehu Sani who was roundly defeated in his bid to return to the upper chamber in 2019 general elections by Senator Uba Sani has since commenced his assignment.

Shehu Sani main brief includes focusing on the “on-the-ground” activities that would market the ambition of Tinubu through contacts with party faithfuls to ensure that he eventually emerges the party flag bearer in 2023. According to the sources Shehu Sani also has the added responsibility of “making life difficult” for Nasir El – Rufai the governor of kaduna state,who despite his denials is considered a potential candidate and a threat to the ambition of the acclaimed godfather of Lagos State politics.

“Shehu Sani has the mandate to ensure negative media for Nasir El – Rufai and his administration. To achieve the objective the media empire of Tinubu has been placed at his disposal.” said the source.

Political observers believe that the appointment of Shehu Sani indicates “lack of knowledge of the North by Tinubu”. That in spite of Shehu Sani being a former senator he is “featherweight” who can not dictate to party members in his ward not to talk of the North.

“Shehu Sani lacks the contact, and capacity to coordinate a presidential campaign. How can a man who was roundly defeated convince anyone. Take my word Shehu Sani is a minus for Bola Tinubu. And by appointing Shehu Sani he has scared away decent politicians who would have loved to be part of his team” said a source.

“Tinubu is betraying poor judgment with his choice of Shehu Sani. Beyond visibility in the media, what strength can Shehu Sani be accused of having? He is a noted opportunist and the only person who will benefit from the appointment is Shehu Sani himself.”

Another source lamented that Tinubu’s preference for a certain type of northerner suggests some contempt for the north. “Nobody can say what Shehu Sani does for a living. That a presidential aspirant will consider him as an emissary to a key region shows some lack of respect for that region.”

Senator Shehu Sani before his defection to the Peoples Redemption Party(PRP) on whose platform he contested the 2019 general elections was a member of the APC. Due to disciplinary issues he was expelled by the party several times until the Adams Oshiomhole led National Executive Committee granted him a unilateral pardon. The attempt to grant him an automatic ticket to enable him run for a second term was fiercely opposed by the party.

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With his new appointment Shehu Sani is expected to commence the process of his return to the APC.

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