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21, 878 Nigerians apply for police jobs in 5 days


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Five days after it opened its of portal for recruitment, the Police Service Commission (PSC), yesterday said a total of 21,878 young men and women have sent their applications.

This is even as the Federal Government said it was recruiting 10,000 police personnel.

The Police Service Commission made the disclosure yesterdayin a statement byits Head of Press and Public Relations, Mr. Ikechukwu Ani.

According to Ani, Niger State (the home state of the Inspector General of Police) has the highest number of applicants so far, followed by Katsina, Kano, and Bauchi States respectively.

This was as he further disclosed that Bayelsa State had the lowest number of applicants, while Ebonyi, Anambra, Lagos, Abia, Imo, Delta, andEnuguStates, followedin successive order.

Again, Ani stated that out of the aforementioned number, 20, 217 applicants were males, while 1,661 females.

He said: “The Police Service Commission has so far receivedtwentyonethousand, eight hundred and seventy eight thousand applications, five days after it opened its portal for the recruitment of 10 thousand ConstablesonFriday, November30th, 2018.

“Theon-lineapplicationshit thisfigureasat12.30p.m. today, Tuesday 5th December 2018. The portal is expected to close on the 11th of January, 2019 in linewiththeFederalCharacter requirementof sixweeks.

“Out of the 21,878 applications already received, 20,217 applicants are males while 1,661 are females. Niger State has the highest number of applicants with 2,276 applications followed by Katsina with 1,677, Kano third with I, 577 and Bauchi, 1,543.

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“Bayelsa has the lowest application of just 55, Ebonyi 88, Anambra, 107, Lagos 112 and Abia, 130. Imo State has 133 applicants, Delta, 150 and Enugu 167.

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