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Another UNN student drops suicide note on Facebook, changes profile picture


Another student of the University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) known as Nnemelu Shalon has dropped what seems to be a suicide note on Facebook after changing her profile picture to the one used by Chukwuemeka Akachi of the same school who recently took his own life.

TheNewsGuru (TNG) carefully studied Nnemelu’s timeline and found updates similar to what Chukwuemeka shared over a period of time before he eventually took his own life.

Findings reveal that Nnemelu, whose Facebook bio reads, “I’m an enigmatic maniac, my talent tells who I am”, is from Nnobi in Anambra State, and she started studying at the university in 2018.

“Have you ever wondered if death could be sweet?” she wrote on Facebook with an emoji depicting sadness added to the post.

She has also made another post where she wrote, “Life! Life!! Life!!! Anyways to cut the long story short, I’ve been keeping on”.

In January, Nnemelu shared a poem similar to poems Chukwuemeka had shared before he eventually committed suicide.

UBA Wise savers

“Title: Help!. At times like this do I ever wish I were dead, That the world could split in two and I’d drown underneath, At times like this do I wish life were fair, That I’d be more wise, Wiser than they’dwish,.That I could measure up, To be their perfect little perfection,

At times like this do I wish my fear and heart would seize, At times like this do I hate myself, Do I wish I were never born, Do I despise myself so much,.Oozing with hate and anguish,.At times like this,

“The knife seems so temptuous, The rope seems so seductive, Paradise in death,

“The world is”no merry go round”, The world ain’t no fairy tale, But I remain one huge mistake added to the world’s cruelty.

“I drown in my pool of disdain, Help!. I suffocate, I can’t breathe, Please help!. My mistakes remain unforgivable, unforgettable as it quenches up my remaining light, My smiles, fake, My laughters, unreal, My joy, a facade, Help!, I beg, Because my life has never seemed more abominable, And the after world had never seemed more enchanting, More appealing and appeasing,

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“Save my soul!. I beg, I cry, For here I lay on the brim of my bed, with deathly pills of joy giver, About to end it all,” the post read.

Nnemelu described her temperament as “Adventurous, Brave, Strong-willed, Confident, A leader,Sure, Resourceful, Positive — Choleric Strength

“Analytical, Persistent,Planner,Deep, Musical, Cultured, Considerate, self sacrificing, Orderly and Perfect– Melancholic Strength

“*Melancholics are sensitive people, hardly forgiving, perfectionists. They feel everything around them should be done to their taste,they are also thinkers. In one word,they are perfect.

“*Choleric are prone to anger,impatient, hardy, emotionless,bold, domineering and aggressive. In one word,they are the powerful ones

“So in one word… I am powerful and Perfect”.

Meanwhile, friends of Nnemelu have stormed her timeline to give her words of encouragement.

“Geez. I’m perplexed and shaken. Nnemelu Shalon,, Please you’re still important to me ooo… I still have dreams of meeting you and other NUS guys in UNN. Please stop this right now,” one of her friends known as Ada Benita Chimeindu responded.

Another responded saying, “See gurl, if I open my own story u will sit in ur room and cry fr me. By am not dead, still living and fighting my battles. Not because I am strong BT because I have a lot of persons waiting fr my Victory. I once wished to die, BT I had someone in me, me killing myself would have resulted to both mum and child.

“Now I am enjoying every smile fr my daughter’s face. Think of ur mother, if she had died a you would never had been in existence… Don’t make her regret having u. U said ” tell Mama I made it” now don’t let her done cos she’s expecting a car, a mansion etc from u. Thank you”.

While many have shown sympathy and empathy with comments on Nnemelu’s several seeming suicidal posts, others feel it is a game.

“This girl wan blow sha,” one wrote with emojis depicting laughter, and another said, “Make me too run go upload this picture on my wall… I need money walahi”. “Someone changed her dp and y’all are here shouting”.

TNG reported the suicidal posts to Facebook, and also called the number given of her, which was unreachable at the time of filing this report.

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