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BREAKING: RCCG pastor narrates kidnap ordeal, says her abductors were herdsmen


The female minister of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Mrs Ibelegbu Chidinma, who was one of the five victims kidnapped near Ijebu-Ode on Friday and released on Saturday has revealed their abductors were Fulani herdsmen.

Speaking last night at the Redemption Camp of the RCCG to a charged and excited audience of senior pastors and ministers of the church who had gathered for the annual ministers meeting, which is a prelude to the annual convention of the church which starts tomorrow, she thanked God for her speedy, divine rescue.

Her testimony has further sent shock waves across the nation as it underscores the continuing banditry threat posed by the criminal wing of herdsmen, on a rampage in many parts of the country.

Mrs Ibelegbu Chidinma, a deaconess from Abia State RCCG 3, was emphatic that her abductors were herdsmen, while recounting her experience in their hands.

Explaining how God miraculously rescued her, Chidinma said God answered her prayer that God should cause her captors to fall into deep asleep; which they did, after which she was able to sneak out of the kidnappers’ den.

She said she escaped while they were sleeping and had to trek for 3 hours inside the bush before she could find help.

Ibelegbu said she was fortunate to meet a motorcyclist who took her to some policemen at a check point who later took her to the Commissioner of Police.

She was later brought to the RCCG camp by the police. Recall She was the first captive of the abductors that got in contact with the police this morning before the four others were later rescued.

Meanwhile, Ibelegbu’s story about her captors being herdsmen was corroborated by another, victim Chiemela Iroha, who is the son of James Iroha, the actor known as ‘Gringori’ in an NTA drama series, New Masquerade.

He said the herdsmen kidnapped them and herded them into the forest on 1 August at the J3, Ogbere – Ijebu – Ode (Ogun State) stretch of the Lagos – Ore expressway.


He claimed they were kidnapped to pay for the cost of bullets expended on a high profile target who the kidnappers were chasing, but who eluded them, in the account published by TheNation.

Narrating further, the young Iroha said the abductors “humiliated and tortured” them with any object they could lay their hands on, including marching them on a tortuous and drudgery 30km walk into a jungle of forests.

The traumatized Iroha said given the physical appearance and language spoken, he was doubly sure that their abductors were “Fulani herdsmen.”

While their ordeal lasted, he added that they were given no food or water throughout the three days of staying both in the creeks and land.

He recalled that respite began to come their way when the Police surveillance helicopter hovered repeatedly across the area where they were kept, forcing the abductors to abandon them and “take to their heels.”

Iroha, however, lauded the Police, local vigilante group and hunters for the pressure mounted on the kidnapers, which eventually led to their rescue.

The Police Commissioner in Ogun State, Baahir Makama said four suspects were arrested in connection with the abduction.

Makama said contrary to the report that the victims were all pastors of the Redeemed Christian Church of God(RCCG), only one, a deaconess, is a member of RCCG.

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