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Chibok, Dapchi Girls abduction: ActionAid Nigeria calls for safe cities, spaces in schools


ActionAid Nigeria (AAN) has called on the Federal Government to make the cities and spaces in schools more safe to avoid a repeat of the horrible experiences of the Chibok and more recently the Dapchi girls’ abduction saga which shook the entire nation.

The group said this in a statement to mark the fourth year remembrance of the Chibok girls’ kidnap which took place in April 2014.

The statement reads: “ActionAid Nigeria (AAN) continues to stand in solidarity with the families, friends and the entire community of the kidnapped Chibok girls, who in the last four years have endured the agony of missing their loved ones.

The Country Director of AAN Ene Obi say, ‘‘While we commend the efforts of the Federal Government and the Nigeria military for securing the release of some of these kidnapped girls. However, today we remember the 113 girls that are yet to be rescued and we join our voice with their families, friends in Nigeria and the international community to call on the Nigerian government to intensify effort to bring back the girls.’’

She added that ‘‘the abduction of the Dapchi girls’ although now released has further heightened the vulnerability of the Nigerian girl-child, both in conflict and non-conflict zones. Hence, government at all levels must prioritise safe cities, provision of security and safe spaces in our schools in order to encourage girls’ enrolment and retention as well as protect them from all forms of violence.

Ene concluded that ‘‘the Federal Government and the Nigeria military should  adopt its intelligence, power and negotiation as deployed for the release of the Dapchi girls, to bring back the remaining 113 missing Chibok girls and 1 Dapchi girl, Leah Shuaibu.’’


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