Delta rejects FG’s proposed RUGA settlement, demands resuscitation of state refinery, steel company


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The Delta State Government has rejected the proposed RUGA settlement for herdsmen by the Federal Government in the State.

Rather the government demanded immediate resuscitation of the state owned refinery and steel company.

The Governor of Delta State, Sen. Dr. Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa who spoke through Omonire Isaac Ovwigho on Tuesday said, “We Deltans are not interested in RUGA. We don’t even have the land for that. We only have seas. If they’re ready to graze in the middle of the ocean, we could help them get their cattle to the middle of the sea for proper grazing.

The Federal Government tells us that RUGA is a settlement and a means of investment for provision of employment and others. If the APC led government wants to favour us then it should revamp our Refinery in Ekpan and the Delta Steel Company (DSC) in Ovwian/Aladja and make them work for us to help us in reducing the rate of unemployment in the state and not Ruga.

We’re not interested in this Greek gift called Ruga. Just make our Refinery and Delta Steel Company functional. Issue out licenses to local investors for modular refineries and charge them to go into full operation to build a better economy round our wall. That’s what we’re asking for. We are not asking for much.

Or better still, the Federal Government could help us with Information technology (IT). We would prefer Information Technology to Ruga. The world has gone beyond where we are and we should work to catch up with the rest of the world and not going back to archaic age.

Review the education system, invest more in education, recruit battalion of teachers, train and retrain them for the teaching job they so much love, give them better pay and in return we ask them for accountability and not Ruga. Our children need to go to school and not Ruga. We don’t need Ruga. We need something that can make our children compete with the children in Japan in this 21st century.

Ruga is never a solution to the insecurity rocking the society. The solution is True Federalism. Let’s go back to True Federalism. Let’s involve State and community policing to checkmate the insecurity. We can’t solve problems by issuing out dangerous problems as solutions. Ruga is a futuristic disaster that would strike fears in the hearts of our people and cut short their lives which we can’t be part of. There are some mistakes we as humans would make and when our children see them, they’d still forgive us while there are some we’d make they would never forgive us and Ruga is one of them.

The safety of our people and that of the future generation is our Clarion call. It is the person who lives that tells a story and not the dead. Our people must not die by the choices we make. Our choices shall protect them from every form of threat to life.”

Omonire Isaac Ovwigho whom the Governor spoke through also uses the medium to tell his fellow Deltans to see this beyond PDP or APC. “Deltans, Delta State Government rejecting Ruga is beyond politics. It’s about the survivor of our people. Let us rally ourselves together to support the governor in rejecting anything called Ruga in totality. The state government rejects Ruga; I, Omonire Isaac Ovwigho and my household reject Ruga and you too should for the sake of our generation yet unborn.

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