Henry Boyo: Endless tributes, encomiums for an illustrious Nigerian


The shocking demise last week (Monday) of one of Nigeria’s most vocal and consistent advocate of good governance across board is still unbelievable to many, particular his ardent readers.

Not many would have believed that the usually insightful and expository Henry Boyo’s weekly (Mondays precisely) Rational Perspective published in (TNG), The Punch, Vanguard and a host of other traditional and conventional media would be brought to an abrupt end after last week’s publication. Except we dig into his very rich archives, the reality steering at us in the face is that we have had our last of the undiluted Henry Boyo, at least up till last week Monday.

As expected, his death was received with heavy hearts across board. Many out of those that reacted couldn’t find the right words to use to express their shock. Some are even religiously expectant that soonest the story might change.

An obviously emotional family friend who grew way back with the deceased could not hide their sadness when they came visiting the Boyos. The couple who also just moved back to Nigeria with the hope of building stronger ties with old friends and acquaintances of which the late Boyo was top on the list confirmed how they had had a lively discussions some few death to his death without any inkling whatsoever of what was to happen.

“We’ll miss him greatly. We still had talks some few days ago and even planned on meeting at the birthday of Mrs. Ibru on Saturday. There was nothing in his countenance to show that death was anywhere near by. As usual, he was so full of life and also looked forward to our meeting on Saturday at Ibru’s birthday. We still in shock. Not sure we can ever get past this. Boyo is too dear to us to just go like that.”

Reacting to Boyo’s demise, a member of This Day Editorial Board, Sonnie Ekwowusie said: “To say that Prof Henry Boyo was a prolific writer is an understatement: he was indeed a colossus consummate essayist. We will miss his interventions in the reordering of our chaotic economy. May his soul rest in peace.”




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