Highlights of MOU signed by PDP, 38 other political parties

The 39 political parties agreed as follows:
-That the Leadership of the Parties are hereby Committed to work together in a COALITION OF THE UNITED POLITICAL PARTIES (CUPP) determined to replace the present APC FederaI Government with a new and acceptable National UNITY GOVERNMENT in 2019.
Keep Naira clean

THAT the Parties shaII promote the emergence of a Government that will usher in abundant peace, happiness and prosperity and ensure safety of life and property inside a truly and weII-structured Nigerian Federation.

THAT the Parties shall work together to ensure the emergence of a ‘joint presidential candidate of which modalities for this collegiate process shalt be under a separate Agreement by the Parties.

THAT the Parties shall promote a positive reaction to the above listed failures of the present regime and to give hope to all our people, the Parties shall ensure that the coalition is committed to working together in support of the single Presidential Candidate to contest the 2019 Presidential election in order to successfully enthrone a true democrat who will salvage the nation from the misrule of the APC Government.

THAT the Parties shall promote acceptable core values for the restructuring of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, secure lives and property, rebuild and redirect our nation’s economy back onto the path of growth, respect human rights and freedoms, protect and uphold the cherished values of democracy and the democratic institutions and generally put right the country which unfortunately has now been dangerously divided along ethnic, religious and tribal lines.
THAT the Parties shalt encourage State alliances between themselves to ensure that the cooperating parties under the grand alliance emerge victorious at State Governorship, State Legislature and National Assembly elections.
22. THAT the Parties accept the policy of zoning political and elective offices between the six geopolitical zones of the federations.
23. THAT the Parties shall ensure that the emergent President under the grand alliance shall treat the presentation of an Executive Bill on Restructuring and Devolution of powers to the National Assembly a major priority.
24. THAT the Parties shall ensure that the leadership in the National Assembly initiates its own process to enable a Bill on Restructuring and Devolution of powers if this becomes necessary.
25. THAT the Parties shall stand united and steadfastly work together in a mutual coalition all in the interest of the vast majority of Nigerians who are now suffering and traumatized by the visionless and dictatorial antics of the APC led Federal Government of the day.
26. THAT the Parties shall promote and constitute a binding and well articulated BLUE PRINT/MANIFESTO which positive impact will be felt immediately. The Manifesto shall be a covenant with Nigerian people to promote and enshrine common national interest issues and to broaden the base for nationwide inclusiveness and National competitiveness.
27. THAT the Parties shall uphold a process of Party internal democracy and ensure that henceforth the Electoral and Security Umpires act strictly within the dictates and ethics of their profession in the conduct of elections in Nigeria.
28. THAT the Parties shall ensure that the new Government will fully uphold the virtue of accountability and will be a government run by scrupulously clean and upright people. The fight against corruption will be firmly prosecuted across board and will not be used as a tool for any witch hunt.

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