Insecurity: Any nation without right policing is sitting on a time bomb – Reps’ Police C’ttee Chairman

Emman Ovuakporie


Chairman House of Representatives Committee on Police Affairs, Hon Usman Bello Kumo on Thursday said any nation that does not have the right police in place is sitting squarely on a time bomb.

Kumo who spoke barely two days after a public hearing on how to make the police optimally deliver its duties organized by his committee noted that:
“Any  nation that cannot get its police correct that nation might not necessarily survive because it is the police responsibility to do the civil function of policing the people

“And if  you allow society to live in  lawlessness, there will be no institution that can mediate them (people) so there will be no direction.

“So every reasonable, responsive, sensitive government would first of all ensure that the properties and live of the citizens is secure and how do you do that, somebody somewhere has to police them.

Asked whether the Nigerian Police can really police Nigerians, Kumo said they are not. If today, God forbid, if all the criminals put together can strike at once in this country they will overrun all the Nigerian security outfits.

“If you are having problem in Benue state you will now say you re-enforce then they will now move to Kaduna and then to Zamfara, you are moving the same people. So assuming you get them correct, you see the arrays of youths in the country today.

“In a nation that you have ministry of planning, what are they planning, you should be focusing, and anything planning is futuristic. So sit down, focus what are you doing with this youths, what will likely happen to them in the next 10years and you are now waging a global war.

“These young men their brain is on another frequency but they are already connected to the global activities and you are not doing anything about them, you are sitting on a time bomb.

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