Neglects in education, healthcare fueled security challenges in Nigeria – Buhari


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President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday said that the decades of under-investment in education and healthcare have gone a long way to contribute to the security and corruption challenges facing the nation.

He spoke in Abuja while receiving leaders of thought from Adamawa State led by the Governor, Ahmadu Fintiri.

The President said, “I am delighted to receive your delegation today. Adamawa is home away from home to me as you are all aware. Therefore this meeting is more or less, a family gathering.

“I am pleased to hear your remarks, specifically focused on issues around education and health. These areas remain priorities for this Government especially as we strive to achieve social inclusion and collective prosperity for all Nigerians.

“Many of the issues confronting our nation today, especially in the areas of insecurity and corruption, are directly or indirectly linked to the decades of under investment in education and healthcare

“At the federal level, we are doing our best to address these issues. But the Federal Government cannot do it alone. We need the State and Local Governments to do their part. This is not about politics. It is the reality.

“Today, majority of Nigerians are below 20 years old. And it is projected that our population growth rate will remain amongst the fastest in the world. This means any plans we have today must take into account, the needs of tomorrow

“I have taken note of your requests and recommendations. We shall review and act accordingly. I would suggest however that you make a formal written submission to my office in due course,” he stated

Buhari also expressed condolence to the Governor and the people of Adamawa State over the loss of his father, Alhaji Umaru Badami.

He prayed for the peaceful repose of his soul.


Speaking to State House correspondents at the end of the meeting, Governor Fintiri who is of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, said that the state needs support of the federal government in the areas of Agriculture, human development and roads especially the federal roads in the state that have dilapidated.

He also said that the focus of his administration in Adamawa state was on security, education, infrastructure development among others.

He said “We have given a very serious attention to security, health, infrastructure and education, agriculture and human development.

“I want to see that our youths are completely emancipated, empowered so that we don’t have the youth restiveness that that we had that culminated into the Boko Haram.

“When I came in Adamawa, I met a serious challenge of youth in criminality which was nick named “ASILA” and today they are no more. So these are serious areas of concern and I have given it a serious attention and it’s working well.

“Kidnapping as well, has reduced drastically you hardly hear people being kidnapped again in Adamawa this is as a result of the collaboration we have with the security agencies and the support we have been giving them to ensure that they curb the menace of the criminality and criminals in the state.”

On why he led a delegation of the people to see the President when his state is considered as stronghold of the opposition PDP, he said, that his concerns were about governance and the welfare of the people and not politics or elections.

He said,” Today we are not talking about election, we are talking about governance. Really we have come to see Mr. President and if you see from the cream of the personalities that we came with, they cut across party lines and ethnic nationalities.

“We look at ourselves first as Adamawa and secondly, the problem that concern us and we have come to where it would be solved. By God’s Grace we have made our cry loud and it would be solved by Mr. President.”

On what he would you do to fix roads in Adamawa, he said that most of the bad roads in the state causing the people nightmare were federal roads.

He also said that from information available to him, the roads have been awarded by the federal government and the contractors have started mobilizing to sites, adding that very soon relief would come on those roads.

“For me we have developed a lot of roads and I challenge you to come to Adamawa probably in the next five months you will even be going on flyovers. This is my honest submission to you this afternoon,” he said.

On the support he was expecting from the President, he said,” We really need a lot of support in agriculture, human development like I have said among the youths.

“On infrastructure, the president has awarded the contract and we still believe that some of the roads that are giving us serious concern and challenge should be addressed by the federal government while the state concentrate on the state’s roads and we have given a serious attention to it.

“The speaker is here he will soon pass supplementary budget for us to start constructing some of these new roads and the abandoned roads by the last administration because our concerns like I have said earlier is Adamawa and these roads are in Adamawa.

“So my administration will not leave any road unattended to because they were started by the last administration. I will complete all the abandoned roads projects in the state and start new ones and also complete them before my four years term will expire,” he said.

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