TNG specials: Underwear, ‘everything-red’ on high sales as Valentine arrives


– Val Gift prediction by sex: Most men to get boxers gift; gift cards, perfumes for ladies

Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, the day is celebrated annually on February 14 although it is not observed as a public holiday in any country. It originated as a Western Christian feast day honouring one or two early saints named Valentinus.

The day is recognised as a significant cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and romantic love in many regions around the world (Nigeria inclusive).

Here in Nigeria, the celebration is mostly characterised by the wearing of red clothes by celebrants and exchange of gift items. On the perspective of gift exchange, TheNewsGuru (TNG) visited Wuse Market in Abuja, Balogun market in Lagos Island, spoke with traders and arrived at products that were on hot sales as Valentine finally arrives.

Everything Red sells:

It is common to see heavy displays of items branded red during Valentine celebration (Especially at shopping malls as well as wayside shops) in Nigeria – every trader knows this is what sells.

The red paraphernalia includes cars, gift cards, flowers, chocolates, toffees, teddy bears, and other attractive packages. Red attires, shoes, and bags bracelets, among others, are all displayed openly dramatically to aggressively fascinate and appeal to customers.

In an interview conducted by TheNewsGuru(TNG), Mrs Olamide Arowolo, a trader at Wuse market disclosed that she specifically sought for products packaged in red because it is the best language colour of the Valentine season.

She added: “ In fact, most of the items I am selling here today, are not my usual sales. Before I only sell men and women underwear, but because of the commercial opportunity Valentine brings, I added sales of gift items and the patronage has really been on the high side of late; I am smiling to the bank.”

Asked what items Nigerians are buying most for the Vals, Mrs, Arowolo replied, “Here, I have sold more of undies and perfumes. In fact, I can tell you of a truth that sales of men undies (singlets and boxers) are moving faster than that of ladies which is something very unusual. Normally, ladies patronise me more than men, but that is not the case today.

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Another Trader, Aminat Awalu, who runs a perfume shop spoke with TNG, she opined that gift cards are also on high sales.
“I have had high sales of Valentine gift cards. Most of those who bought perfume from me also requested for gift cards, i think it completes the act of gift exchange since it is the purveyor of the actual love message”

However, when Awalu was responding on the specific question of what product is considered to be on ‘hot sale’ in the market, she said ‘undies’

‘Hmm! on the product that is considered as being on ‘hot sale’ I will say it is undies. And I think it is either because Nigerians are not creative with gift selection or the Valentine season has been trivialised to ‘undie’ may be sex thoughts. But for me, if I were to advise anyone, I will suggest that people try selecting pleasant perfumes for their lovers, nothing conveys love better than good smell” She explained.

The situation isn’t any different in Lagos.  A tour of some shops by TNG showed that love was truly in the air. Traders were full of smiles and eager to attend to prospective customers who approached them for their desired items.

“Yes sales are quite impressive. People have been trooping here since January to pick their desired items. These includes flowers, male and female undies, romantic frames and greeting cards, engagement rings, etc. The surge in sales will likely go on till the end of February”, Mrs Janet said happily.

However, TNG gathered that the impressive patronage this valentine season is not limited to supermarkets and stores alone. Hoteliers and eateries are huge beneficiaries too.

The manager of one of the popular hotels on the Island confirmed that both loyal and new customers have been making reservations for Valentine as early as December 2019. He said the rooms and other facilities were fully booked as at first week of February. “Some people don’t joke with their Valentines day celebration as it affords them rare opportunities to rekindle their love for each other either as families, friends or couples.  The hotels, eateries and other fun spots are in for some money this season irrespective of location,” he said.

Contraceptives sales high:

Meanwhile, Mr. Ifeanyi Okorie, a Chemist said the sale of contraceptives was rather on the high side in the past few days; especially the emergency pills as compared to condoms.

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