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Trump unfolds tough immigration system


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By Dayo Benson New York

Barely 48 hours after the United States consular in Nigeria placed an indefinite suspension of Drop Box Visa application method for Nigerians seeking to travel to the US, President Donald Trump yesterday unfolded tough immigration policy which emphasizes “skills and merit” instead of family connection for potential legal immigrants into the country.

The new policy, when it becomes law , will replace existing Visa lottery system which President Trump describes as dysfunctional, saying that it had failed to attract skilled manpower to the United States unlike what obtained in other countries of the world. Additionally, under the proposed policy, prospective immigrants would be required to learn English language and pass written civics test before they could be allowed into the US.

The President who reeled out the new immigration system at Rose Garden in front of cabinet officials and republican lawmakers stated that the reformed immigration system would stop hard drug flow into the US as well as smuggling of women and children even as he revealed that the controversial border wall was being built. He pointed out that asylum seekers had abused the gesture by advancing frivolous reasons to support their applications saying that applicants without genuine reasons would be deported. He also stated that the green card will now be called Build America Visa.

Trump called on the Democrats to support the proposal by ensuring that it was passed into law. He however expressed optimism that if the Democrats refused to lend their support, the Republicans would do the needful in 2020 when they regained the Congress and win the presidency again.

Already ,Democrats had kicked against the immigration proposal claiming they were not consulted, describing it as condescending because it was silent on DACA (Delayed Action on Childhood Arrival) and the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US.

We are proposing an immigration plan that puts the jobs, wages and safety of American workers first,” Trump said .“Our proposal is pro-American, pro-immigrant and pro-worker. It’s just common sense.”

“Our proposal builds upon our nation’s rich history of immigration, while strengthening the bonds of citizenship that bind us together as a national family,” he said

“That is a wall that is desperately needed,” he said. “As we close the gaps in our physical framework, we must also close the gaps in our legal framework.”

“If for some reason, possibly political, we can’t get the Democrats to approve this merit-based, high-security plan, then we will get it approved immediately after the election when we take back the House, keep the Senate and, of course, hold the presidency,” he said, “One of the reasons we will win is because of our strong, fair and pro-American immigration policy.”

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“Our proposal fulfills our sacred duty to those living here today while ensuring America remains a welcoming country to immigrants joining us tomorrow,” Trump said

We want immigrants coming in. We cherish the open door,” Trump said

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