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US reaffirms commitment to global humanitarian aid workers


By Dayo Benson New York

Amid recurring global displacement of people by natural disasters and armed conflicts, United States has expressed its resolve to continue its provision of humanitarian aid to needy Countries and ensure safety of humanitarian workers.

Specifically, the US expended over  a whopping $8 billion on humanitarian assistance across the world in the 2018 Financial Year.

Secretary of State Micheal Pompeo, disclosed this yesterday in a statement to commemorate this year’s World Humanitarian Day.

Secretary  Pompeo’s statement was made available to the press through the office of the Spokesperson, Department of State. 

“As global humanitarian needs continue to increase, the United States will continue to support internationally agreed principles on the protection of humanitarian workers, call on parties to armed conflict to comply with their obligations under international humanitarian law, including those related to the safety and security of humanitarian personnel, and take every action to protect humanitarian organizations and to respect their independence and neutrality.”

“On this World Humanitarian Day, the United States recognizes the tremendous service of all humanitarian heroes who have devoted themselves to serving others through their unbounded generosity and unflagging resolve” said the Secretary of State. 

According to  Pompeo, “The United States has a long and distinguished history of providing humanitarian assistance to people in need due to displacement, armed conflict, and natural disasters. In FY 2018, the United States provided more than $8 billion for food, shelter, healthcare, education, and clean water and sanitation benefitting tens of millions of people across the globe.”

He  added, “Additionally, the United States is a leader in promoting the safety and security of humanitarian aid workers, including through strong U.S. support for the UN Department of Safety and Security, which has enabled more than 1,000 high-risk humanitarian operations in active conflict zones.”

To carry out this vital work, the United States depends on courageous humanitarian aid workers who serve on the front lines to alleviate suffering and protect the most vulnerable from harm”, Secretary Pompeo affirmed.


“Today, on World Humanitarian Day, we recognize the tireless efforts of humanitarian workers, who every day risk their personal safety on behalf of people whose lives are disrupted when crises hit. We applaud the commitment of humanitarian aid workers who persist despite the dangers, and we especially honor those who have given their lives helping to protect the most vulnerable populations worldwide”, he stated. 

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