Why I’m sleeping with my four daughters – Father


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Forty-seven-year old Rashidi, living in Sango-Ota, Ogun State for some years now, had been having sexual intercourse with four of his daughters.

But the most bizarre is that his wife, who is the mother of the four girls, was aware of the situation and appeared handicapped to do anything about it.

The incestuous affairs were blown open after a crack team of police detectives from Sango-Ota Area Command, Ogun State, went undercover to investigate the crime and returned with mind-boggling discoveries.

Although the illegal affairs had been going on for years, daughters, father and mother had preferred to let it remain within the family circle.

According to them, they were still trying to seek out solution for their father’s inexplicable sexual yearnings for his biological daughters, when police stormed their home to arrest the man.

One would have expected the daughters to have fought the sexual onslaught from their dad, especially since two are adults, but they didn’t.

They said: “Our father is sick. He doesn’t know what he is doing. We know what is wrong with him. We just need money to make him well. To arrest him and take him to court for the whole world to see and read about him and us is not the solution. We need spiritual help, not publicity.”

The first of the girls is 26 years old, second is 23, third is 19 and the last is 14. Ordinarily, these ladies could have decided to report him to police or family members.
But they didn’t, rather they said: “Our father is a victim, not a criminal.”

Speaking with newsmen, Rashidi said,  “Please help me! I need help! Yes, I have been having sexual intercourse with my four daughters. Something used to come upon me and take control of me. I’ll lose my senses and about two or three hours after having intercourse with any of my daughters, I will come back to my senses.


This had been going on for years. I even married a second wife and visited a herbalist in order to check this malady, but all efforts failed. But it’s not every day I have sex with them. It is whenever that evil spirit comes upon me.”

Investigators had earlier discovered that the last sexual intercourse with his third and fourth daughters occurred on May 11, 12 and 13.

According to reports, “When police asked the daughters why they didn’t react against their dad, they said they too were under a spell. They said once he tells them to undress, they would simply obey. Whenever their mother catches them, she would shout on her husband. But the woman has a medical condition, which if she shouts too much, could lead to her losing consciousness, for about three days.”

Rashidi said that he had been hearing voices in the past 13 years. The voices used to order him around. According to him, he hears the voices, but had never seen the speaker. He claimed that it was the voice that ordered him to be having sex with his daughters.

Rashidi, who introduced himself as a mechanic, security guard and commercial motorcyclist, said: “The first time the voice spoke to me was about 13 years ago. The voice ordered me on that fateful day to place three seats on each other. It asked me to go into the store and take a rope. It further instructed me to tie it to the ceiling fan, climb the mounted seats and placed the noose around my neck. I had already done all these, when my wife suddenly woke up.

“I don’t know what is wrong with me. I have no quarrel with anyone and I’m not indebted to anyone. Four years ago, I was riding motorcycle when the voice ordered me to park, and enter the river, but someone saved me. Whenever the voice comes, I lose my senses. After about three hours, my senses will return. I couldn’t tell anyone what I was going through. I decided to go and tell a herbalist, who is close to me. He did some things for me, including spiritual bath, but it didn’t work. I continued to have sex with my daughters. I have spent a lot of money on this, trying to find a lasting solution. Just three weeks ago, the voice came while I was riding motorcycle. I stopped right in the middle of the road; vehicles could have crushed me. People shouted and called me a mad man.”

It was also discovered that Rashidi had attempted suicide several times, but often saved in the nick of time.

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