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Where is Grace Mugabe…?


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There have been several speculations on the whereabouts of Grace Mugabe, whose political ambitions prompted the military takeover in Zimbabwe and the eventual resignation of his husband, Robert Mugabe from office as President of the country.

While there are reports in certain quarters that the ousted first lady, Grace left for Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, others insinuated that the 52-year-old second wife of President Robert Mugabe might have traveled to Botswana, Dubai or Malaysia, where the Mugabe family own property.

It seems most likely that Grace Mugabe who is dubbed “Gucci Grace” because of her shopping habit is still holed up in the “Blue House”, the sprawling mansion in the upscale Borrowdale neighbourhood of Harare, where she lives with the president.

Multiple sources in Zimbabwe and South Africa, including officials who claim direct knowledge of the ongoing negotiations between Mugabe and the army over the transition of power in the former British colony, said that Grace was present in the Harare residence on Tuesday night when the army detained the 93-year-old autocrat. She has not moved since, they said.” The Guardian reports

In an address to the nation on state TV following the takeover, the army referred to the “family” of Mugabe being “safe” in its custody, as well as the president himself.

“Her future is part of the discussions. The army won’t let her go anywhere until [Mugabe] has stepped down,” said one South Africa-based diplomatic official.

Others point out that it would be unlikely that the former typist, who married the president in 1996, would abandon her husband at such a critical time.

“I would be very surprised if she would leave the side of the president when the negotiations were going on. She’s not that kind of person,” said Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga, an opposition member of parliament.

The whereabouts of the couple’s two sons and daughter are unknown, though the sons, aged 25 and 21, are believed to have been in Johannesburg shortly before the military moved in earlier this week.

Their mother has spent millions of dollars in recent years acquiring property in upscale neighbourhoods of the South African capital.

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