#WorldTelevisionDay: Broadcasters will always have a role – Expert


As the world witness rise of mobile internet and online video viewing, an expert in the broadcast industry has said “there will always be a role for television broadcasters”.

TheNewsGuru (TNG) reports European Broadcasting Union’s David Wood stated this as the world marks World Television Day.

World Television Day is celebrated around the globe on November 21 and it is recognized as a key tool for informing the public on the important and evolving role of TV.

Even with the rise of mobile internet and online video viewing, traditional television broadcasting is still a mass media reaching billions of viewers.

“I’m quite convinced that there will always be a need for broadcasting to serve large amounts of people at the same time. That’s what it does in an unbeatable way,” Wood said.

He explained, however, that there is need “to partner with new forms which allow for interaction and the other features that the public wants”.




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