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Movement Against War in Nigeria

The Nigerian Civil War, or the Biafran War, is said to have cost about two million lives: mostly civilians; half of them children. The socio-economic cost was huge and continues across generations – even now.

Nigeria has not recovered from that war. Nigeria cannot survive another civil war.

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Yet, there are growing sounds of war and violence all around. Issues of injustice, inequality, and retrogression abound. The Nigerian government says foreign interests are already taking positions. The global war industry has seen Nigeria as its next cash cow.

This is how it all begins…and then one day, bloodshed becomes the norm! Every life is disrupted, many die, and even the survivors live a continuous nightmare.

We say No! All people of goodwill must say No! This platform enables us to discuss the issues but firmly shut the door on any form of violence, talk less of war.

Welcome to the Movement Against War in Nigeria. Sign the charter  HERE and share with others so we can raise a million voices against bloodshed in Nigeria. The previous war must be our last.



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