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I am not rushing into marriage again- Doris Simeon

Nollywood actress, Doris Simeon is one of the sought after role interpreters in the movie industry. After her marriage to Simeon Ademinokan crashed, the talented actress has declared that she is not ready to rush into another marriage. She made this known in a recent interview with The Sun.

Hear her:” Like I used to say, it is not the end for me concerning marriage. If God says it is time, fine. if not, all well and good. I am satisfied and not in a hurry. God has the final say. I am not rushing at all, maybe, because I have tasted it before.”

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When asked about her current relationship status she said her love life isn’t meant for the public:”I am in a relationship but I have decided to make my relationship mine and not for the public. My business with the public is my career.”


Speaking on how she responds to  negative comments, she said:”But like I have said before, I have developed a thick skin. I prepare my mind for anything. What is the worst thing that somebody will do to me that would want me to go and commit suicide? Nothing is new on this earth, so I don’t see any negative talk that can pull me down.”

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