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Nudity works for me- Maheeda declares

The name Caroline Sam may not ring a bell, but at the mention of Maheeda, you immediately think of a beautiful lady who uses her sex appeal to garner attention for her music. Though, Maheeda calls herself a born again Christian, but the singer still delights in showing off her sensuality on social media. She is the bad girl most parents wouldn’t want within a yard of their wards.

Speaking in a recent interview with Hip TV, Maheeda declared that nudity works for her and that she is giving Nigerians what they want.

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Hear her: ”I feel blessed and I feel cursed at the same time because of my story and my past. I feel that I am little bit famous and I also feel that a lot of people hate me   because they don’t understand me.


“I get a lot of insult from people. It’s a mixed feeling. Even Rihanna and Beyoncé with all their great voices. They still want to dress like this, so nudity sells, it works. I read a lot about business and from what I read, I learnt that you have to give people what is on demand. I give Nigerians what they want”.


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