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Ohanaeze calls for caution, condemns hate song on Igbos

You are safe in South East, Ohanaeze assures Northerners

The President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo, John Nwodo has condemned in strong terms, the recent hate songs by some northern youths against the Igbos leaving in their region.


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In a statement issued on Saturday, Nwodo said it was high time leaders from the region cautioned the youths that have been issuing incessant hate songs and speeches against the Igbos and other tribes in the country.

The statement reads:

“The current Hausa hate song trending in the social media is despicable, sad and disappointing.

Ohanaeze is appalled that prominent leaders in the north (with the exception of a few), have allowed this development to flourish without reproach.

The Arewa youths have stoked the embers of hatred to a discomforting temperature. The toleration of their criminal conduct has portrayed the Federal government as biased and unfair.

Their quit notice to fellow Nigerians to leave any part of Nigeria strikes at the fundamental rights of citizenship. It is a call for the dissolution of the country. Their call for an inventory and seizure of assets of Nigerians living in the North is conversion.

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It amounts to a day light robbery of lawful property. The declaration of mop up action after October 1st, 2017 to deal with those who resist their quit notice order is a declaration of war. It is surprising that on top of all these a hate song calling for more hatred, despise and “abortion” has been allowed to fester. Yet no one is arrested.

All the orders of arrest from Kaduna state and the IGP seem to be ambivalent and unreal. The youths meet freely with Governors of Northern Nigeria and Northern leaders showing that they enjoy their support.

This development signals the beginning of a national catastrophe which if not nipped in the bud will snowball into incalculable damage to our continued existence as one country.

Ohanaeze gives notice to the Federal government to deal with this situation decisively or forever be held responsible for the consequences this abdication of responsibility provokes. A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE.”

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