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“People won’t watch music videos If ladies don’t shake bums”- Kiss Daniel


Armed with a croaky voice similar to 9ice, Anidugbe Tobiloba Daniel a.k.a Kiss Daniel proved many wrong when they doubted his musical prowess. The G-Worldwide artiste has so far surpassed what critics foretold about him.

With songs like Laiye, Woju and Mama, Daniel joined the league of hit makers in the Nigerian music scene. In this interview with TheNewsGuru, he opens up on his music journey, twerking in music videos, weirdest experience with a female fan  and lot’s more.

 What will you regard as the greatest benefit you got from your New Era album?

I have an award to show for it that I had the best album and I also got universal recognition. I am just glad I made that album because at first I was thinking people won’t accept it, but it’s a success.

What’s your contribution to Sugar Boy’s album?

We did two songs together on the album and that’s my contribution. I didn’t do a typical Kiss Daniel song because of Sugar Boy’s kind of music. I focused more on his kind of sound.

In your New Era album, you didn’t have any collabo, did you at times wished you had featured some artistes?

Yes I wished I had featured some artistes but then, Na so God want am. New Era is past tense now. By the special grace of God, I will drop another album

Who are the artistes you will love to work with?

9ice and 2face have influenced my style. I will be working with them very soon.  Keep your fingers crossed.

What will you regard as your weirdest experience with a fan?

My weirdest experience with a female fan is X- rated. I cannot say it, it’s really bad. I cannot really point out a particular one, there are so many. I can never take advantage of a fan. I can never disregard the importance of my fans. I always give my fans the respect due to them.

What has stardom changed about you?

Stardom has changed nothing about me. I am still the same old me. People who knew me back then do tell me:” Daniel you never change”. I am an introvert, I am always indoors, so there are no much people to influence me. The people I kept in my circle since when I was little are still in my circle till date. They keep me in check.

Aren’t you worried that your being an introvert may be portrayed as being snobbish?

There is always an opportunity for them to get close and then meet with me. When that happens, that perception changes.

What will you do differently if you were to start all over again?

I will do nothing differently if I were to start all over again

What major lessons have you learnt as an entertainer over the years?

One of the major lessons I have learnt over the years is to keep my shut and stop talking like a mumu. Listen very well but don’t talk too much.If you talk too much, it will get you into a lot of trouble.

How do you respond to negative social media comments directed at you?

I am not that kind of person that reacts. I have this funny way I go about it, even If you throw shots at me, I have a way I go about it that makes everybody just laugh about it. I don’t know what the individual is going through. The person may just be frustrated and looking for someone to vent the anger on. I am not going to come down to the person’s level and start exchanging words with the individual


Your song , Sin City has been misinterpreted in some quarters. What message were you trying to pass across in the song?

It’s just me trying to reply to some things I have been seeing online, some things I  perceived from the fans . I said something like:’ They can’t believe I smoke no Kush. It’s just me reacting to the things people say about me

Do you smoke and drink?

I drink, but I drink responsibly. I don’t smoke.

Can you date someone in the entertainment industry?

Yes I can.

Have you ever dated someone in the industry?

No I haven’t

What kind of women do you look out for?

I love ambitious women. Women who for example will give you good ideas on how to spend a 10m, women who see the future. I look out for intelligent women, not women you will sit down with and all they do is plan how to spend your money. You need more of intelligence when looking out for qualities in a woman you want to marry. If you are attracted to her twerking skills, there will be a time she won’t be able to twerk again.


What is your opinion about women twerking in music videos?

Every guy loves ladies twerking ladies. I know guys that when they wake up in the morning, what they look for is twerk videos on Instagram. Twerking has its place in music.  Twerking gets some certain sets of people interested in your music. There are some people who won’t watch your videos if ladies are not twerking. Then you complain that your views are not much on YouTube because you refuse to infuse bum shaking.  For my song Duro ,70 percent of the people who watched it said it’s because of the lady shaking her bum In the video. The most important thing is that I have passed my message across.

Does your record label restrict your artistic creativity which in turn affects how much you earn?

I have a lot of money bro. I get my money, I get my cut. You cannot put me in a box.

What is your most expensive fashion item?

I am not really a fashion person; I am more of an investment person. I am a business man. We intend to start our water company , Vado Waters very soon. I don’t want to give further details.

How is the recession affecting you and the entertainment industry in general?

Recession is a mind thing, it’s when you believe it’s affecting you that it will affect you. I don’t know how it affects the entertainment industry because I still get shows and perform at weddings on Saturdays .At times I have four to five weddings in a month. At times, I have more than that and they pay me millions. I am always thanking God for that. If I have more than 20 shows in a month, it’s still God. I  am happy I am making my money. I am thanking God and my fans for it.