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Photo: Police arrest woman for posing with stolen baby

A young woman identified as Saarudzai Mutingodo was recently caught by the police in Pretoria, South Africa, for posing with a stolen baby.

According to reports, the 33-year-old Zimbabwean woman who worked as a maid while pregnant, had stolen her employer’s newborn baby, after having a miscarriage. She was said to have returned to Zimbabwe to live with her boyfriend who had no idea that the baby was not theirs.

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Mutingodo had reportedly stolen the baby back in October 2016, moved in with her boyfriend, and pretended that she had given birth to their baby while in South Africa.

This is what happened according to an anonymous source:

Sarudzai was left with the baby by her employer in Pretoria before she stole the baby and escaped back to Zimbabwe. She brought the baby to her boyfriend and they have been living with the baby as theirs since October.

It was just recently when we heard that she was on the run in South Africa for stealing the baby. She was picked by police on Saturday.

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Mutingodo has since been handed over to the Harare Central Police Law and Order in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe, and is set to appear in court soon.