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Photos: Man kills wife, 5-year-old child, wounds father-in-law, then shoots himself

On Friday, March 3rd, a depressed man this morning, shot dead his wife, their 5-year-old child, and seriously wounded his father-in-law before turning the gun on himself outside Sai Noi district office, Thailand, where the couple was about to sign divorce papers.

The multiple murder-suicides occurred in the parking lot in front of the district office about 9.45am, media reports said. A woman, aged around 25 and later identified as Wanawan Piyawong, was found dead inside a car with gunshot wounds. Her son Sukritsadee Deechaiyo, 5, was also shot dead. His body lay near the car.

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Police called to the scene said two men were found seriously wounded. They were later identified as the woman’s husband Surasak Deechaiyo, and his father-in-law Theerapong Piyawong, 50.

The injured were rushed to a nearby hospital, where Surasak was later pronounced dead. Mr. Theerapong is in a critical condition.

Pol Capt Piya Sakaew, duty officer at Sai Noi police station, said Surasak and Wanawan went to the district office to sign divorce papers. His son and his father-in-law went with them.

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On arrival in the parking lot, Surasak tried to patch things up with his wife. She refused and insisted on divorcing him. A heated quarrel erupted and the husband became angry, finally pulling out a pistol and firing shots at her and their son.

He then shot Mr. Theerapong before shooting himself in the chest. Police are currently investigating.

Source: Bangkok Post