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Pope Francis meets with the poor, immigrants

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Pope Francis met with the poor, immigrants and prisoners during a pastoral visit to Milan on Saturday, a report said.

The report noted that his first stop was an outlying, low-income neighbourhood where he visited three families in their homes.

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The families were a middle-aged Italian couple made up of an invalid former alcoholic and his wife, a Moroccan couple with three children, and an elderly couple with severe health problems.

Francis also met with representatives from local Roma, Muslim, and immigrant families.

The pope later moved into the city for a meeting with local clergy at the Milan cathedral — the Duomo — where he answered questions from priests, nuns and lay deacons, before blessing the faithful.

He was then set to visit San Vittore penitentiary, where he would meet with individual inmates and have lunch with 100 prisoners.

Francis would travel to nearby city of Monza to recite an outdoor Mass before an expected crowd of 700,000 believers at the Monza Park, a walled 17th-century park that has a royal palace.