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Quick read: 17 funny Wi-Fi network names of 2017

Quick read: 17 funny Wi-Fi network names of 2017

In the course of the year, attending both social and corporate events, I came across some very funny Wi-Fi network Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs).

If you have a router or you use your smartphone to host a Wi-Fi hotspot, then the first thing you probably did was set up a good name and password for the network SSID.

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If you have had to use a generic network name for many months, then you might want to consider changing it to something more interesting.

A good SSID not only makes it easy for you to identify your network when you need to connect new devices, it can also serve as a conversation starter when friends come over, and it can provide a brief moment of amusement for strangers when they browse for connectable networks and see yours in the list.

When choosing a Wi-Fi network SSID, consider: aiming for a unique but memorable name; never including personal information like your real name, address, apartment number, birthdate, etc; never making the SSID related to the network password, and avoid provocative SSIDs that might make your network a prime target for hackers.

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Meanwhile, going back to the business at hand, here are the top funny Wi-Fi network names we saw in 2017.

1. Nigerdelta avenger

2. Boko Haram

3. Clickndie

4. Militant

5. NoMoreWar

6. Buhari

7. LieMohammed

8. Virus

9. YourMumuDo

10. Stopthere

11. Connectndie

12. Marryme

13. Getout

14. NoNetwork

15. NotAvailable

16. Hidden

17. Vamoose


What are the funny Wi-Fi network SSIDs you have seen? Comment below.


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