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Having sex 16 times a week is unrealistic and stupid – Celebrities slam Joro Olumofin

A cross section of Nigerian celebrities have continued to comment on the trending controversial statement made by Joro Olumofin, a popular relationship coach.

In his article titled Letter to Husbands, the unmarried relationship consultant advises men to have sex with their wives 16 times a week and engage in oral sex five times a week. He asserted that husbands should give their wives N100,000 Weekly, adding that she deserves it whether she has a job or not.

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In a chat with TheNewsGuru, some Nigerian celebrities who read the controversial article were honest enough to admit that Joro is being unrealistic.

Speaking on the subject matter, popular singer Adokiye said lovemaking should be something couples enjoy to do and not engage in it because they are obligated to do it and start counting the number of times they have sex.

Adokiye said:” People are busy with other things; lovemaking should be what couple enjoy at any time they feel, not really something to be taking numbers on.

“As for husbands giving their wives N100,000 weekly, what would the wife be doing with N100,000 weekly? When will she start saving for the future of the family and the kids? If the husband is wealthy, then that amount can be excused.

“Sex and lovemaking get the marriage going.So couples are always advised to have time for themselves. Couples indulging in oral sex doesn’t make sense to me when the vagina is there to slide into”.

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Nollywood actress and sex therapist, Seyi Hunter condemned Joro for making such an impractical statement. She added that If any couple attempts that, the sperm will stop coming out for a while.

Hear her:” I do not agree with Joro over the issue of married men sleeping with their wives 16 times a week. We all know It is Impossible. As a sex therapist, I will categorically state that after a while the sperm will even stop coming out. It will look like water colour and not the rich creamy colour we all enjoy.


“No man will attempt it and I’m sure there is no woman that will keep her vagina down to be hammered 16 times a week.

” For the oral sex part, you can give that as many times as possible, doing it six times a week is impossible for a married woman with children. The truth is that you don’t feel horny every time. Sometimes a few days will pass and you won’t want hands on you, not to talk of someone’s tongue doing magic on your clitoris.

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“I agree with what he said about giving your wife N100,000 every week. This is possible if the man is very rich. He can even give her more, buy her gifts weekly and take her for shopping monthly. I will advise every couple to have crazy sex once in a while. Outdoor activities also help to spice up your sex life.I recommend outdoor activities that will spice up your sexual relationship”.



Beautiful filmmaker and actress, Seun Omojola said sex is an important part of marriage, but indulging in it 16 times in a week is not realistic. She frowned at putting a timespan on sex.

In her words:” Sex is part of marriage but the 16 times is what I don’t understand. Why put a time-span on it? And if you want to put time why should it be up to 16 times? That’s sex slavery. That may work If the couples are addicted to sex, I can’t do that. Only Joro understand what he’s saying . Every woman will love the N100,000 a week allowance proposition, as long as he is not using it as a way to compensate for the sex”.

Ayeesha, a publisher and social commentator asserted that no man can give sex for that number of times. Hear her: ”It’s not even realistic.That’s the first thing.What man who has to deal with traffic, the economy, a job, and family life can afford sex that number of times?

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“What woman has that much time?Giving your wife N100,000 weekly is stupid and unrealistic.That’s somebody’s salary. How many people can even afford N100,000 a month for their entire families”? she queried.


Outspoken actress, Tonia Ferrari said it is only jobless couples that will attempt to have sex 16 times in a week.

“It is unrealistic, even If the couples are jobless. Sex works when they have the sexual urge. They can’t be horny every time. It is only a ritualist that will be able to afford N100,000 every week. Is Joro a ritualist? I think he is just being hilarious” the voluptuous actress said.


Talented  Yoruba actress cum producer, Bimpe Akintunde popularly known as Omotodun, said she prefers love to sex and will appreciate If she can get that amount of money from her husband every week.

In her words:”Personally, I prefer money to sex.I will appreciate if I can get that kind of money from my hubby every week.Oral sex should be once in a blue moon for couples. I cannot cope with having sex 16 times in a week” she said.