Mind your Language: Rape charity group warns Anthony Joshua


Nigeria born British heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua has come under heavy attack from Rape charity group after the group picked holes with his comment over Cristiano  Ronaldo and his rape allegation.

Joshua who is full of admiration for the Portugal international who he noted keeps waxing strong despite all the distractions, highlighted  tax and women as some of the obstacles of success for athletes.

‘I’ve always said two things you’d get f***** for as an athlete is women and tax, he’s got f***** for both and he’s still smiling, still strong,’ said Joshua at a promotional event in New York. ‘You need mental strength, he’s proved that.

‘He’s a family man, he’s got that aspect, but still out working and he’s dedicated to what he does.

‘So as a sportsman he’s had the issue of one side, he’s got the family on the other side, and he balances what he’s passionate about,” he said

But Joshua’s submission has been condemned by the Rape crisis body for England and Wales who described the submission as inappropriate and trivialisation of a serious issue.

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The comment it added should not be coming from a person like Joshua considered a role model.

Katie Russell, the Rape Crisis England and Wales national spokeswoman, told The Telegraph: ‘It’s inappropriate, insensitive and disrespectful to make jokes or flippant remarks about allegations or instances of sexual violence and abuse in any context.

‘Arguably, those in the public eye, who may be considered a role model to many, including impressionable young people, have a particular responsibility not to trivialise such serious issues.

‘Experiences of sexual violence and abuse, can have wide-ranging and long-term impacts on victims,’ and survivors’ health, lives and relationships.

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‘As a society, we need to develop more empathy and understanding about that if we are ever to see more of those impacted by sexual violence and abuse get the support they need, want and deserve.’

Ronaldo has denied raping Kathryn Mayorga in a Las Vegas hotel in 2009 even as Mayorga claimed she was paid £280,000 hush money to keep quiet about the incident.

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