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We have subsisting agreement to use Etisalat as brand name in Nigeria – EMTS

The management of Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services, EMTS trading in the country as Etisalat Nigeria has said it has a subsisting agreement for the continued usage of the brand name.

The management of the company said this in reaction to the three weeks ultimatum given it by United Arabs Emirate-based Etisalat Group to stop the usage of the brand name.

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The working relationship between the two broke down after Etisalat Nigeria was unable to restructure a $1.2 billion loan it took from a consortium of banks.

This led to the Etisalat Group withdrawing from Etisalat Nigeria on Monday and issuing the three weeks ultimatum for the stoppage of the usage of the brand in Nigeria.

But reacting to the development, the Vice President, Regulatory and Corporate Affairs of Etisalat Nigeria, Ibrahim Dikko, said EMTS has a valid and subsisting agreement with the Etisalat Group, which entitles it to use the Etisalat brand, notwithstanding the recent changes within the company.

Dikko said discussions are ongoing between EMTS and the Etisalat Group pertaining to the continued use of the brand.

He said EMTS will issue a formal statement once discussions are concluded.

He said the final outcome on the use of the brand name will in no way affect the operations of the business as its full range of services remain available to its customers.

Dikko added in the statement: “EMTS launched in Nigeria in 2008 with ‘0809ja’ to affirm the ‘Nigerianness’ of our origin and sphere of influence.

“In our nine years of operation, we have remained a prime driver and avid supporter of the Nigerian spirit of excellence, and we will continue to stay true to our ‘Naijacentric identity.

“This notion is strongly reflected in our core messages and depicted in major projects and initiatives which we have been known to support.

“All these initiatives have their foundation embedded in supporting key aspects of the Nigerian fabric: building Nigerian businesses and empowering Nigerian’s with a focus on the youth.

“Nigeria remains the soul of EMTS’ business and we have made the brand alluring to our teeming subscribers who see a piece of the spirit and character of Nigeria in everything we do.

“EMTS is here to stay and we wish to assure our esteemed customers that our core values of youthfulness, customer-centricity and innovation will remain the pillars on which we operate.

“We thank our esteemed customers for their abiding faith in us,” the Etisalat Nigeria boss stated.