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Apple launches ‘hack an iPhone, win $1 million’ contest


Apple, California-based premium smartphone maker has expanded a programme where researchers and developers can get rewarded for finding security weaknesses in its systems.

TheNewsGuru (TNG) reports Apple in 2016 launched the ‘bug bounty’ programme, which earmarked as much as $200,000 in reward money for uncovering security issues – across all its platforms including iCloud, watchOS, iPadOS and macOS.

Finding other weaknesses of the iPhone rather than a full hack can fetch rewards of up to $500,000.

In expanding the programme, Apple is offering $1 million to anyone who can take control of an iPhone remotely.

“This is an unprecedented fully Apple supported iOS security research platform,” said Ivan Krstic, Apple’s head of security, while announcing the revamped bug bounty plan at the Black Hat hackers conference in Las Vegas last week.

Starting next month, anyone can participate in the programme that was previously by Apple invite only.

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