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Facebook Year in Review: Bug sees old photos, posts reappearing


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If you have seen your old photos on Facebook re-appearing, you are not alone as many users have complained that the photos they had posted months ago are resurfacing on their pages.

According to a report in Boston Globe on Friday the complaints came after Facebook told users on Thursday that it had compiled videos for them that showed their “year in review”, essentially a video slideshow of individuals’ photos from 2016 that they can share with their friends.

The report quoted Stephanie Milot, a reporter for PC Magazine, who wrote that four of her photos were re-posted Friday.

The new photos did not merely re-appear on timeline but the posts were marked with new dates and timestamps – confusing the users as if they had been posted anew.

However, Facebook has said that it was aware of the issue and currently investigating.

Facebook’s help forum has received many queries regarding the issue. Many users, after Friday’s Facebook glitch, were led to believe that their accounts were hacked.

“Tonight I have seen two posts on my page as new posts, but both are from 6 months ago, and are old posts. Why is this happening? Have I been hacked?” the report cited one user writing.

Earlier this year, Facebook had mistakenly said that some of its 1.79 billion users were dead.

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