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Google establishes council for responsible AI development


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Google has established an Advanced Technology External Advisory Council (ATEAC) to complement its internal governance structure and processes that help implement it’s artificial intelligence (AI) principles.

TheNewsGuru (TNG) reports last June the internet giant announced Google’s AI Principles, an ethical charter to guide the responsible development and use of AI in its research and products.

The council will consider some of Google’s most complex challenges that arise under its AI Principles, like facial recognition and fairness in machine learning, providing diverse perspectives to inform the work of the tech giant.

“We look forward to engaging with ATEAC members regarding these important issues,” said Kent Walker, Google’s SVP, Global Affairs.

TNG reports members of the inaugural Council are Alessandro Acquisti, Bubacarr Bah, De Kai, Dyan Gibbens, Joanna Bryson, Kay Coles James, Luciano Floridi, and William Joseph Burns.

This inaugural founcil will serve over the course of 2019, holding four meetings starting in April.

“We hope this effort will inform both our own work and the broader technology sector. In addition to encouraging members to share generalizable learnings in their ongoing activities, we plan to publish a report summarizing the discussions.

“We recognize that responsible development of AI is a broad area with many stakeholders. In addition to consulting with the experts on ATEAC, we’ll continue to exchange ideas and gather feedback from partners and organizations around the world,” Kent said.

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