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Huawei boasts of own OS following cut off from Google


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Chinese telecom giant Huawei will be able to roll out its own operating system by next spring at the latest, a top executive said on Wednesday.

Huawei was cut off from using Google’s popular Android system after being placed on a U.S. banned “entity list’’ recently.

Nevertheless, on Tuesday the company’s chief executive of the consumer division, Yu Chengdong, said a Huawei operating system for smartphones, computers, tablets, televisions, cars and smart wearable devices would be available soon.

`The Huawei operating system will be rolled out at the earliest this autumn and at the latest next spring,’’ Yu told Chinese publication Phoenix iFeng Tech in an article published on Tuesday.

In March, Yu told German publication Die Welt that Huawei had developed its own operating system in case U.S. tech companies would be banned from continuing to supply theirs.

He said at the time an original operating system was a “plan B” and that Huawei preferred using the systems developed by Google and Microsoft.

As the China-U.S. trade war intensified in recent weeks, the U.S. Commerce Department barred U.S. firms from selling Huawei technology without government approval.

On Monday, the department announced a 90-day grace period on the policy.

Report says the U.S. accuses Huawei of helping the Chinese government to spy on other countries, though it hasn’t shown any evidence.

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