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Huawei seeks summary judgement against US


Telecom networking equipment and smartphone manufacturer, Huawei is seeking summary judgement for a lawsuit it filed against the United States.

The Chinese firm had in March filed a suit against a US bill that placed restrictions on it’s products.

The firm called the restrictions “unconstitutional” and said the US Congress had failed to provide evidence to support the restrictions.

The company said it filed the motion for summary judgment on Wednesday (Tuesday in the United States).

A motion for summary judgment aims to seek a judge’s decision without going to a full trial.

“The US government has provided no evidence to show that Huawei is a security threat. There is no gun, no smoke. Only speculation.

“The judicial system is the last line of defence for justice. Huawei has confidence in the independence and integrity of the US judicial system,” Song said.

“We hope that mistakes in the NDAA [National Defense Authorisation Act] can be corrected by the court,” Huawei’s chief legal officer Song Liuping said in a statement.

The Huawei’s lawsuit against the US was filed in a US District Court in Plano, Texas, challenging what it called an “unconstitutional” 2019 defence bill.

The bill prevents government agencies from buying its equipment, services, or working with third parties that are Huawei customers.

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The firm has argued that the US bill violates a bill of attainder clause by “singling out Huawei for punishment”.

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