Shipments of computing devices into Africa, Middle East to hit 19.5m units


Overall shipments of personal computing devices (PCD) into the Middle East and Africa (MEA) will a total of 19.5 million units for 2019 as a whole, according to latest insights from International Data Corporation (IDC).

TheNewsGuru (TNG) reports the personal computing devices market, which is made up of desktops, notebooks, workstations, and tablets, declined 5.0% year on year in Q4 2018.

The global technology research and consulting firm’s Quarterly PCD Tracker shows that shipments fell to around 5.6 million units for the three-month period.

According to the research, the top three vendors in the regional PC market, HP, Lenovo and Dell, maintained their respective positions, with each of them gaining share on the corresponding quarter of 2017.

While HP with a market share of 28.9% in Q4 2017 improved to 32.3% for Q4 2018, Lenovo with 19.5% in Q4 2017 improved to 20.7% for Q4 2018, and Dell with 14.9% Q4 2017 improved to 17.1% for Q4 2018, others in the market with a share of 36.8% in Q4 2017 record a decline with 29.9% market share for Q4 2018.

In the tablet segment, Samsung more than double its market share in the region year on year and maintain its position in top spot with Apple climbing up to number two, while Huawei dropped to number three.

Samsung with tablet market share of 17.9% in Q4 2017 improved to 37.9% for Q4 2018, Apple with 11.2% in Q4 2017 declined to 8.3% for Q4 2018, Huawei with 12.3% Q4 2017 declined to 7.7% for Q4 2018, with others in the market with a share of 58.7% in Q4 2017 declining to 46.1% for Q4 2018.

According to the research, the overall personal computing devices market is expected to remain close to flat over coming years, with PCs experiencing very slow growth and tablets experiencing a gradual decline.

“Given the growing use of smartphones and the corresponding shift away from PCs and tablets, it is unrealistic to expect either segment to return to the shipment volumes seen several years ago,” the researchers noted.


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