Social network traffic expected to rise 22 percent


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Social network traffic is expected to rise 22 percent annually over  the next 6 years, according to Ericsson Mobility Report.

However, its relative share of traffic  will decline from 11 percent in 2018 to around 8 percent in 2024, because of the stronger  growth of video.

According to the report, video traffic in mobile networks is forecast to grow by  around 34 percent annually up to 2024 to account for nearly three-quarters of mobile data traffic, from approximately 60 percent in 2018.

Mobile video traffic growth is driven   by the increase of embedded video in many online applications, growth of   video-on-demand (VoD) streaming services in terms of both subscribers and viewing time per subscriber, and  the perpetual evolution towards higher screen resolutions on smart devices.

All of these factors, according to the report, have been influenced by the increasing penetration of video-capable smart devices.

The report reveals users are spending more time streaming and sharing  video, and this is expected to continue, as video is embedded in all types of online content.

In addition,   surveys of smartphone users  worldwide indicate that they expect 5G to bring  the network performance needed for immersive media formats and applications.

Streaming 360-degree  video and augmented/virtual reality  should start to be a significant factor  in mobile traffic growth while enhancing user experience   as 5G is rolled out, and compatible devices are successively  introduced.

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