Samsung Galaxy S10 line undergoes drop test [Video]


The Samsung Galaxy S10 line was made to undergo a drop test, and the three phones were not able to survive the ordeal.

TheNewsGuru (TNG) reports SquareTrade conducted the drop test, throwing all the phones from a 6-feet height.

All three phones had shattered glass at the front and back in their first drop itself, and the Galaxy S10e was unusable thereafter.

Even the camera lens and flash of the S10e stopped working on the back-side drop.

Of all the three, the Samsung Galaxy S10 performed the best, and even though it cracked at the front and back in the first face-down and back-down drops, it remained functional.

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ also remained functional even after shattered glass up front and back, but the glass body became loose after suffering the first drop.

Watch the drop test video below




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