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60% cyber crimes caused by human mistakes — Expert


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Mr Arto Tenhunen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Soprano Plc, an ICT company, says the biggest risk to cyber security is human mistakes, accounting for about 60 per cent of the criminality recorded.

Tenhunen made this known in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos, explaining that it was easy for cyber criminals to gather information to attack the internet.

According to him, when we lose cell phones or computers and somebody comes across them, the individual could extract vital and personal information to attack the owner.

He said that Cyber security was a much bigger business than the drug business, “it is much easier, they hold the information we are sharing on the social media.

“It is very easy for criminals to gather the information from the internet.

“Years before, the cyber criminals had to hack but now they find everything on the internet your children`s name, home address your birthday and whatever.

“As I said, cyber criminality is a big business than drugs, meaning that it is easier because with drugs you have logistics problem.

“But with cyber criminality, you do not have logistics problem, you can sit wherever and commit the crime,’’ he said.

Tenhunen said that it was very important to understand that in business, insurance would pay in case of fire, but in cyber crime everything would be lost.

He said that it was very important that leaders of government and companies understand the danger to their institutions and organisations and put in place measures to protect vital information.

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The expert said that there were five levels of cyber criminality which were government, corporation, company, individual and the coding level which leaves no one free from being attacked.

Soprano Plc is a business development company listed in Finnish Nasdaq.

Soprano, which focuses on education and Internet industry, recently sought collaboration with public universities and private institutions on improved education and digitilisation for a better economy.

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