Cyber crime: PIN seeks more reportage to facilitate control


The Paradigm Initiative of Nigeria (PIN), a Non- governmental organisation, has called more reporting of electronic fraud to facilitate control.

The PIN Director of Programmes, Mrs Tope Ogundipe, told the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos on Monday that many electronic fraud cases, especially in financial institutions, were not reported.

The PIN official said that the under reportage could be to avoid creating fear in customers.

“The more the cases are reported, the more their customers lose faith, and they don’t want to lose clients.

“In as much as the actual crime goes unreported, it becomes difficult to curb,’’ she told NAN.

The director said that the under reportage had made it difficult to determine whether cyber fraud in Nigeria was in the increase.

“What I do know is that more individuals are aware of the antics of cyber criminals,’’ she said.

Ogundipe said that more individuals had been able to respond appropriately to fake calls or electronic mails.

She added that Nigeria’s international image had improved as regards cyber security due to the Cyber Act Law enacted in 2015.

According to her, the law had a comprehensive provision around electronic fraud which signaled to the world that the country was ready to deal with it.

“This is saying to the world that the government is serious with sanitising the cyber space and that it can be trusted.

“The government is in the right direction,” she said.




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