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German Wikipedia suspended in protest against EU copyright reforms


Wikipedia’s German-language version was suspended for 24 hours on Thursday, instead showing an appeal in white typeface urging users to oppose plans to reform EU copyright law.

Wikipedia users should contact their European Parliament representative regarding the reforms, which are subject to a final vote on Tuesday, the appeal urges.

Wikipedia has in fact been specifically excluded from Article 13 of the new law regarding upload filters, seen as the most controversial provision in the legislation.

Under the changes, sharing content without the consent of the originator of the content will be made more difficult.

“But our aim is not to be an oasis of free information in an unfree desert of the internet,” John Weitzmann of Wikimedia Germany wrote in a blog post.

German-language Wikipedia currently contains almost 2.3 million separate items. It has a daily click rate of about 30 million.

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